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Currency Contracts

On-line Currency Transfers – Buy Now, Pay Now (Spot Trade)

Spot Trades are perfect to transfer a lump sum of currency or to make a quick transfer. Funds are received internationally within 3-48 hours.

Buy Now, Pay Later (Forward Contract)

A Forward Contract allows you to fix an exchange rate now for up to 24 months and pay for it when you need the currency.

Market Orders

Set a Market Order to automatically buy currency at a pre-determined rate to ensure you won’t miss out should the market reach your desired exchange rate at any time.

  • For Currency Transfers you can pay by cash, credit* or debit card, or by bank transfer for our Currency Contracts. Credit Cards incur a 4% charge, UK Debit Cards a £1 fee and International Debit Cards the £1 fee plus 6% charge.

Travel Money

  • We aim to beat ALL foreign currency exchange rates
  • 0% Commission
  • You can pay by cash, credit* or debit card*, or by bank transfer
  • 0% Commission buy-back
  • Currency to Currency exchanges e.g. € to $ – no double exchange costs

*Please note when purchasing Travel Money credit card payments incur a 4% charge. There is no charge for UK debit card payments.